Update 2


In order to update Magerit SKYLINE, you need to follow a few simple steps. You will see how quickly you have the latest firmware version installed on your module.

The module is programmed through the SWD connector on the back.

To update the module you must have:

ST-LINK v2 programmer: Here you will find some shopping links (the official website and some economical and functional alternatives)




STM32CubeProgrammer (official & free) – for Windows, Mac and Linux
Latest SKYLINE firmware – (latest version 2.11)

The diagram connection is the following one:

Update Magerit SWD

Conect the ST-LINK v2 programmer to the module and the computer. Conect the SKYLINE to the eurorack system and power it on. Uncompress .zip file «SKYLINE_v(version).zip», install STMCubeProgrammer software and run it.

Once the program is open:

1.- Select the “Connect” button (top right). If connected successfully, the sign “Connected” will appear above.

2.- Press the “Browse” button and select the .hex format file (the one unzipped from the .zip file).

3.- Click on “Start Programming”. The SKYLINE module will update in just a few seconds.

Ready! Now have the latest version installed on your module.

If you still have doubts, here you will find a YouTube video explaining how to update it: (coming soon)