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      Just wanted to start a thread for bugs and feature requests as I haven’t seen one.

      Currently on version 1.6. I do want to say this module is really cool so far and I’m loving exploring with it!

      First thing I have found is that the exciter/vca only begins opening up at 2.5v, under that it’s complete silence. Would be nice to have the entire range, as right now it sounds like 90% of the volume attenuation is between 2.5 and 3.0V. it makes it difficult to have a soft and slow attack when using external envelope.

      Besides that, so far I’d really just want the envelope/LPG to get pluckier as the internal envelope attack seems a bit slow and the LPG doesn’t have a bright enough transient.

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      two more bug reports/feature requests:

      the resonator has a “pluck” style sound that plays on being excited. This will play even if I am using a slow attack envelope, so after a whole second of the vca slowly being opened there will just be a random pluck sound. I like the sound but if the voltage is moving slow enough it really should not sound at all.

      Secondly, it would be really nice to be able to cv-control chord selection 🙂 if there’s any way we can change that in any of the menus it’d be awesome!

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      I can’t edit my posts, so this is my last one for now: On multiple wavetables there is no smooth interpolation between waves, so instead of being smooth when turning the shape knob or entering CV it just goes from one waveshape immediately to the next. But even when using sample and hold to control the shape CV it does not immediately snap to the wave dictated by the CV input, so it sounds like a mess. I would love for all wavetables to be smoothly interpolated – I’m not sure if this is a bug, or it’s yet to be included, but I don’t see any reason not to have these wavetables be smooth throughout.

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      – Limit of oscillator amplitude (volume) without using exciter is roughly 1/3rd of the amplitude while using the exciter. i.e. slewing the output my best guess was roughly 1.8V volume no exciter, 6+V volume with exciter.
      – CV and V/Oct latency – slow to switch to new voltage. Using external VCA and triggering the envelope and V/Oct change simultaneously, the envelope is faster than the time it takes for the laniakea to change pitch.

      I understand that I am doing a lot of posting under this forum thread. I want to stress that while I find this oscillator incredibly interesting and it has massive potential, it is simply incomplete without implementing/fixing many of the issues I have brought up here.

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      I think this is a good ideia, so more users can chime in if needed and we can have an easy to access list to see any issues or concerns. I’ve also got the module 3 months ago, since firmware v1.2 and I can confirm these limitations stated above. I’ve been talking with Magerit over DMs on Instagram (not for the past month, but before) and the feedback has always been quick and helpful.

      Regarding the interpolation between waveshapes, this was not an issue on v1.4 and before, but there was a bug in one of the tables that would cause the module to crash. After v1.5, that bug was fixed but the interpolation was gone for all wavetables. This was the last thing I reported, and I was told that a new update was being worked on that would see this fixed and also a general improvement on the wavetables engines.

      Did you upgrade to v1.6? If so, have you calibrated the module after that? I remember I had some major output volume issues difference while using the Excite input and using it as a free running Osc, but after calibration it seemed to tame those differences. I can’t be sure now and I’ll have to retest it though. I also remember that the excite input was clipping in some settings whenever anything above 7v aprox was used.

      Some of the other issues pointed out on the posts above, I don’t know if it would be an easy fix, but I tottally agree, and I hope we can see all of these carefully adressed and tested so we can unblock the module’s full potential. Anyway, with this in mind I would like to point that I really like the modules and it’s sound, especially when wiggling it during a performance, since it does not feel like a preset macro oscilator but more like a Osc/Resonator hybrid that can smoothly transition between them, or between a chord/dissonant cluster/noise. This was why I choose this over something like Plaits (I do have Rings though).

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      Good morning @barrierloss and @nuPar!

      We are pleased to announce not one, but three new updates: for LANIAKEA, METRO and the Magerit Updater. Here is a list of all the improvements and fixes to all the issues you have pointed out:

      – New bank of waves (you can see them drawn in the user manual). Both X and Y axes of the bank are interpolated. (Yes, in v1.6 it was a bug!)
      – LANIAKEA v2.0 allows you to upload your favorite bank of waves via the Magerit Updater app (v2 and above).
      – The EXCITER voltage response has been improved and now has a better response. Volume is also improved. The “pluck” effect in the string resonator core can be adjusted to have either the short plucking attack or a smooth one.
      – The Latency in the V/OCT input has been removed. Consequently, we have also redesigned the Potentiometers and CV inputs core to have a much better response.
      – We have improved the LPF and the Overdrive (COLOR knob) to ensure a better harmonic control.
      – Harmonic oscillator and String core have been optimized too.

      In case there is a strange reading from any CV input, we do highly recommend to calibrate the module (It only takes a few seconds!). This doesn’t mean that you have to calibrate the V/OCT again, only the sensibility of the jacks. For this, diconnect ALL jacks from the module and press both buttons for two seconds. The led ring will become red. Then, press the ORBITS button. Done! (If you instead press the SPACE! button, you will proceed to calibrate the V/OCT input too). This is also explained in the user manual 🙂

    • #18213

      – New external clock input detection mode: the classic one (One beat per clock read) and the 1/16th mode (One beat every 4 clock ticks).
      – Both internal and external clocks were optimized to avoid going out of sync.
      – These modes have also new ratios. In the case of the 1/16th mode, you can have a ratio up to x4 (16th notes).
      – The Effects Menu was rewritten. We have included two new processors: BitCrusher and Overdrive 🙂 Echo and Reverb have been rewritten to ensure a better performance and a more beautiful result.
      – The Volumes in the Mixer menu have now the possibility to be controlled via CV.
      – The two Toms algorithms have been rewritten (more interesting sounds!).
      – The TRIG button can be assignable now: (Play/Pause, Reset, Random, TAP BPM…).
      – A Random mode can be assigned to the TRIG CV inputs too.
      – Finally, there are other bug fixes and optimizations in the code, like the Potentiometers and CV inputs core, which has been optimized.

    • #18214

      Magerit Updater
      – The new v2 version of this app (available for Windows and Mac) has a new and a more intuitive UI design.
      – Now, you can upload your favorite bank of waves to LANIAKEA with the Magerit Updater. We recommend you to take a look to the manual which explains how easy it is!

      The format of the waves must be in .wav. The file must have 64 waveforms and each waveform must have 256 samples. You can take a look to the following site to download free wavetables:

      You can also create, explore and edit wavetables with the following app (it is an open source app, so it is free):

      Have a nice day!

      Best regards,

      David from Magerit

    • #18215

      Hi David,
      Thank you for the quick feedback!
      Got the chance to try the new firmware and even though I was not able to try everything, I can already tell that some of these improvements are great, especially the sensitivity of the exciter CV input and the new option to have the resonator pluck or “bow” for slow envelopes.
      I believe I found a bug though. If you or anyone else could confirm this it would be cool. The bug seems to be when on noise generator knobs position (cluster CCW and color CW), if the shape knob is fully CW there is no issue, but as soon as this knob gets below aprox 10 o’clock, the module stops any sound (even if moving any knobs) and the only way to get sound back is powering down/on.

      Thank you for your work!

    • #18216

      Hello, @nuPar! Thank you so much for pointing out the bug. We are currently fixing it, so a new update will be released this week. Best regards!

    • #18220

      Good afternoon, @nuPar! We have just released the v2.1 firmware version. The noise issue is now fixed. Best regards

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      Hi guys! I’d like to say a big thank you for creating such a exciting and beautiful sounding module!

      One request, which was mentioned once in this thread that i’d find super nice if implemented would be the possibility to CV control the chord selection.
      This would make the module even more amazing as a compositional tool to be able to program chord sequences!

      Thanks again!

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      Hello, @henrik.jose! Thank you so much for your feedback. The idea of controlling the chords via CV is really interesting, we will take a look to the feature. Best regards!

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