Hello, Aaron! If you use an external clock signal, METRO will auto sync itself 1.5 seconds after you paused the clock signal. Why do we need to wait 1.5 seconds? METRO use a ratio-counter system in order to sync all different ratios of each channel. Each ratio has a multiplier synced to that counter. If we reset always that counter on each beat, Triplets, Half and other ratios won’t work properly. So we decided to add a reset only when you restart the sequencer: all sequencers will start in the step ONE and the ratio counter will be set to 0. In order to add an auto reset, we stablished a limit of 1.5 seconds which is 40 BPM, the limit METRO can read. This may be difficult to understand… haha.

If you don’t use the external clock (and use METRO’s internal clock), you do not need to wait 1.5 seconds, you can play and pause at the speed you want.