– New external clock input detection mode: the classic one (One beat per clock read) and the 1/16th mode (One beat every 4 clock ticks).
– Both internal and external clocks were optimized to avoid going out of sync.
– These modes have also new ratios. In the case of the 1/16th mode, you can have a ratio up to x4 (16th notes).
– The Effects Menu was rewritten. We have included two new processors: BitCrusher and Overdrive 🙂 Echo and Reverb have been rewritten to ensure a better performance and a more beautiful result.
– The Volumes in the Mixer menu have now the possibility to be controlled via CV.
– The two Toms algorithms have been rewritten (more interesting sounds!).
– The TRIG button can be assignable now: (Play/Pause, Reset, Random, TAP BPM…).
– A Random mode can be assigned to the TRIG CV inputs too.
– Finally, there are other bug fixes and optimizations in the code, like the Potentiometers and CV inputs core, which has been optimized.