Good morning @barrierloss and @nuPar!

We are pleased to announce not one, but three new updates: for LANIAKEA, METRO and the Magerit Updater. Here is a list of all the improvements and fixes to all the issues you have pointed out:

– New bank of waves (you can see them drawn in the user manual). Both X and Y axes of the bank are interpolated. (Yes, in v1.6 it was a bug!)
– LANIAKEA v2.0 allows you to upload your favorite bank of waves via the Magerit Updater app (v2 and above).
– The EXCITER voltage response has been improved and now has a better response. Volume is also improved. The “pluck” effect in the string resonator core can be adjusted to have either the short plucking attack or a smooth one.
– The Latency in the V/OCT input has been removed. Consequently, we have also redesigned the Potentiometers and CV inputs core to have a much better response.
– We have improved the LPF and the Overdrive (COLOR knob) to ensure a better harmonic control.
– Harmonic oscillator and String core have been optimized too.

In case there is a strange reading from any CV input, we do highly recommend to calibrate the module (It only takes a few seconds!). This doesn’t mean that you have to calibrate the V/OCT again, only the sensibility of the jacks. For this, diconnect ALL jacks from the module and press both buttons for two seconds. The led ring will become red. Then, press the ORBITS button. Done! (If you instead press the SPACE! button, you will proceed to calibrate the V/OCT input too). This is also explained in the user manual 🙂