I think this is a good ideia, so more users can chime in if needed and we can have an easy to access list to see any issues or concerns. I’ve also got the module 3 months ago, since firmware v1.2 and I can confirm these limitations stated above. I’ve been talking with Magerit over DMs on Instagram (not for the past month, but before) and the feedback has always been quick and helpful.

Regarding the interpolation between waveshapes, this was not an issue on v1.4 and before, but there was a bug in one of the tables that would cause the module to crash. After v1.5, that bug was fixed but the interpolation was gone for all wavetables. This was the last thing I reported, and I was told that a new update was being worked on that would see this fixed and also a general improvement on the wavetables engines.

Did you upgrade to v1.6? If so, have you calibrated the module after that? I remember I had some major output volume issues difference while using the Excite input and using it as a free running Osc, but after calibration it seemed to tame those differences. I can’t be sure now and I’ll have to retest it though. I also remember that the excite input was clipping in some settings whenever anything above 7v aprox was used.

Some of the other issues pointed out on the posts above, I don’t know if it would be an easy fix, but I tottally agree, and I hope we can see all of these carefully adressed and tested so we can unblock the module’s full potential. Anyway, with this in mind I would like to point that I really like the modules and it’s sound, especially when wiggling it during a performance, since it does not feel like a preset macro oscilator but more like a Osc/Resonator hybrid that can smoothly transition between them, or between a chord/dissonant cluster/noise. This was why I choose this over something like Plaits (I do have Rings though).