Analog oscillator


This is where sound is born. Based on the classic 3340, the Magerit VCO provides 4 waveforms with independent outputs: Sine, Triangle, Sawtooth, and Pulse. Its wide frequency spectrum is controllable via the octave switch, COARSE and FINE control (with a range of one octave and 3 semitones respectively).

Frequency modulation

Creative? In this module you can connect a FM signal, both Linear and Exponential. Each one has its respective attenuator.


Let’s not forget about the pulse wave. In addition to the pulse width (PW) control, a PWM input (with attenuator) is included.

More details

Finally, the Magerit VCO has two synchronization modes: HARD and SOFT. Tuning is precise, and has a stable temperature control. So take it easy, your pretty melodies won’t be affected in the middle of your performance. However, if you want to adjust it, take a look to the manual! You will find that it is quite simple and fast to calibrate it.

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Magerit VCO 3340 chip based oscillator. It has 4 outputs and a stable temperature control

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