Multifunction generator


The “Cuatro Torres” Business Area, the “KIO” Towers, the “Pirulí”, the wonderful Picasso Tower… They define Madrid’s SKYLINE. Now, by modifying any of these buildings or adding a new one will generate a new horizon. Great, right?

The concept

Magerit SKYLINE does the same. It is a multifunctional generator module. You can create different functions like envelopes or LFOs or even simulate physical movements or just provide random voltage values. Now, any line or curve can be created. Do you want to have a more exponential, logarithmic or linear response? SKYLINE is you module. It is a big module not because of its dimensions, but of its performance.

Clean interface

Designed for Eurorack 3U systems, this module has a width of only 11HP. Really compact... As if this was not enough, it includes two independent outputs. That means that it is possible to have two completely different functions on each output at the same time. Thanks to its interface, you can easily control any parameter at any time. In addition, the 4 RGB lights will inform you about the current mode, channel (1, or alpha and 2, beta) and the status of the function.

All the modes

Regarding the modes, these are what the new Magerit SKYLINE offers:

  • ADSR – a classic 4 stages envelope. It includes time and curvature control of each segment, plus a LOOP mode.
  • AD – Similar to the previous mode, but with two segments (Attack and Decay). It is ideal for percussion beats.
  • RANDOM – A random generator, with tempo adjustment. In addition, it is possible to modify its evolution type (jump, linear, exponential…)
  • BOUNCE – Ideal for generating physical simulations such as a bouncing ball or a spring. You can change its gravity, coefficient of restitution, etc…
  • LFO – We couldn’t forget this mode. There are 5 base waveforms, through which you can form new waves by interpolation. Controlling the symmetry of the wave gives even more possibilities. Additionally, both LFOs can be synchronized to each other or to an external signal and set different velocity ratios.
  • Values...

    Will you have polarities and voltages issues? Skyline allows you to modify the offset of each channel individually. By changing the position of a simple jumper, you can get an output voltage range from ~-5V to +5V or from 0 to 10V. Designed to eliminate limits. And that’s not all, take a look to the manual to see all the functions in detail!

    Purchase SKYLINE!

    120,00    (VAT excl.)

    Skyline is a multi-functions generator modules From ADSRs to random values and LFOs. Everything is possible!

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