Sequencer & MIDI/CV converter


This little Eurorack module is a Swiss army knife. It can be used in almost every situation: jam sessions, live shows, recordings... You have a lot of possibilities thanks to its innovative polyphonic sequencer, and all its MIDI-CV functionalities.

The interface

Magerit Polyseq is controlled by its intuitive and innovative encoder, displaying all the information you need on an OLED display. The interface has been carefully designed to be minimalistic and comfortable to use.

MIDI/CV converter

Since each output offers great flexibility, use them to play on a MIDI keyboard! Polyseq is also a MIDI-CV converter. In addition to selecting MIDI channels, playing with pitch bend control… POLYSEQ has a polyphonic mode, allowing you to play chords up to four notes. Discover all MIDI functionalities in the manual appendix!


In the latest update, now it is possible to design up to twelve patterns. Don't you want to enter the notes one by one? Connect a MIDI keyboard and you will have your favorite sequence instantly! In addition, you can modify the ratio of each pattern, the number of steps (up to a maximum of 64), save or delete them... Sounds great, but what if I want a rhythm pattern? It is so simple. Polyseq has a percussion-style mode. Thanks to the MIDI functionality, there are even more possibilities! Activate or deactivate any sequence, change the pattern to be played on each output at any time, design sequences of sequences… Take a look at the manual to see all the available functions (including additional functions).

More details

Great, but… do I need a computer? It depends on your needs! POLYSEQ works perfectly with both MIDI and standalone input. All of this is possible thanks to the balanced design between hardware and software. In Magerit, we have planned every aspect of the module. Everything is tested to ensure optimal operation and good performance.

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Control and automate your Eurorack system with Polyseq, a sequencer and a MIDI/CV converter module

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