A "cosmic" oscillator


LANIAKEA, home of thousands of galaxies composed of billions of stars and planets, including the Earth. Our neighborhood is huge. It would be great to explore it and discover every detail, right?

Are you ready to launch?

The LANIAKEA concept comes from the idea of exploring all possible sound textures, from simple analog and additives oscillators to resonators and strings. Creating music from 80’s synthesizers... Or even experimental music? Everything is possible to make with this 14HP-wide module. Of course, we have opted for a simple and intuitive, but powerful, interface. It is not very comfortable to learn hundreds of menus and thousands of hidden parameters.

Sources & textures

We have implemented several internal generators, starting with an analog oscillator and different (selectable) wavetables. The waves inside the wavetables are interpolated, so you can shape the sound without cuts and jumps by using the SHAPE control. In order to modify the harmonic richness, we have the COLOR knob, which applies a Low Pass Filter, a wavefolder or even an overdrive. Furthermore, a small additive oscillator is included in this module.

Harmony and Chaos

Not enough? LANIAKEA allows you to generate clusters of up to 8 waves. As you turn the CLUSTER knob, the number of notes increases progressively. In addition, you will be able to decide which chord to form with these 8 waves. Harmony in the cosmos is beautiful, but what about chaos? It is also interesting, beautiful and unpredictable. By turning CLUSTER to the left, the randomness of the waves increases until it becomes a true sonic chaos.

Feeding stars

All this big sound can feed a built-in resonator, acquiring different timbres. You can even convert the resonator body into a string system. The resonator operates permanently or it can be triggered by a signal is received at the EXCITER input. This same input also works as a Low Pass Gate / VCA.

Control your universe

The flagship potentiometer is SPACE! This 3D printed knob is a master controller that modifies all other parameters (configurable). From a simple sound to a complex one, or from a poor texture to a harmonically rich one, or from a small body to a super-cluster of textures? Anything is possible. As if that weren't enough, if you want to make your sound bigger and more "spatial", LANIAKEA features stereo reverb. The stereo output features a 16bit resolution at 44100Hz. Take a look to the manual for more details!

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220,00    (VAT excl.)

LANIAKEA is a "cosmic" oscillator. From analog and additive oscillators to resonators and strings. Everything is possible a in 14HP wide module.

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