Magerit VCA v2

Magerit VCA v2

60€ (Excl. VAT)

Our VCA had a complete redesign and now we present its successor – the Magerit VCA v2. At first sight, many things have changed. It is more compact and it is only 6HP wide. Furthermore, in this new slim module, you will find two completely independent VCAs. Cool, huh?

Each amplifier has a switch which allows you to alternate its response between linear and exponential. It is indicated by a red LED.

Well, how to control the gain? Magerit VCA v2 has an intuitive potentiometer which controls the gain without connecting any CV signal. This potentiometer changes its function if a jack is connected in the GAIN input. In other words, it will work as an attenuator of the CV signal you plugged in.

We have not ignored our clients’ opinions. Some of them have in their Eurorack systems 16 (2×8) pin connectors. Magerit has been developing modules with 10 (2×5) pin connectors until now, but the new VCA v2 already includes both 10p and 16p connectors on the same board. So, everyone can enjoy the new VCA v2 and future modules without the need of adapters.

Especificaciones VCA v2
10 (2×5) and de 16 (2×8) pin connector