In order to update Magerit POLYSEQ, you need to follow a few simple steps. You will see how quickly you have the latest firmware version installed on your module.

The module is programmed through the ISP connector on the back.

Magerit Polyseq sin fondo
Foto actualizar polyseq

To update the module you must have:

Arduino Uno (o any other ISP programmer)
Latest ISP firmware – (latest version 8.0.4)
Magerit Programmer
avrdude (For Windows and Mac)

The connection schematic is this one:

update magerit tsp

Connect the module to the board and load the “Arduino ISP” sketch (you will find it in the examples tab in Arduino IDE). Once uploaded, close the app and unzip the “Magerit Programmer” and “ISP_Polyseq_v (version) .zip”.

The .hex file inside the zip is the firmware. Then, run the Magerit Programmer (Mac or Windows, depending on your computer). Follow the instructions of the program. Now, your Polyseq will have the latest version installed!

If you still have doubts, here you will find a YouTube video explaining how to update it: (coming soon)