About Magerit

About Magerit

Magerit comes from the Arabic word “Magrīţ,” which means “watercourse” or “channel.” Muslims settled in Madrid in the 9th century on top of a 7th-century Visigothic settlement called “Matrice,” which translates to “source.”

If they spoke of an abundance of water, we aim to speak of an abundance of sounds, possibilities, and innovation through our Eurorack modules.

“Fui sobre agua edificada, mis muros de fuego son”.

Who are we

David Vijuesca

Founder and engineer of Magerit. David is a piano student at the Real Conservatorio Superior de Música de Madrid.

José Vijuesca

Co-founder and designer. José is an artist specialized in creating illustrations, photography, and magazine layout, with a strong background in Fine Arts.